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1 / Do I need to register for the National (event registration)?

If you would like to receive a registration bag, participate in any seminars, meals, etc., then YES, you will need to register for the event.

2 / What is a single vs. family registration?

Single registration is 1 adult (receives 1 tote bag). Family registration is 2 adults + any children under 18 (receives 1 tote bag).

3 / If I need assistance, have a question or a problem, who do I contact? PLEASE use the email address we have provided as we have it set up specifically for use with this site/event. While most have used this email address, we still have people emailing/Facebook messaging/texting individual SEC members and that causes confusion. We have multiple people checking the specialty email address - it is the quickest and most direct route to receiving help. ​

Other requests you can send to the specialty email:

Requests for grooming/crating areas to be grouped between parties.

4 / What are the requirements to hold the National? Can I recommend a venue?

Please gather information from the venue and fill out the following National Site Inspection Survey. If it fits the criteria, the SEC can investigate further. 

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